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Because there are no facts, there is no truth

Just data to be manipulated

Out of Azkaban
25 October 1979
I'm boring, I mostly post fic, and while I can't say there's nothing here I'd be ashamed to have my mother see, there is nothing here I'm uncomfortable sharing with strangers.

My friending policy, such as it is, is this: you are welcome to friend me. No need to ask. I post almost everything publicly, but I also friend almost everyone back. However, I will not friend you if you are under 18, or if you're big into fandom drama. No hate memes, no anonymous commenting, no sock puppets, no generally obnoxious or mean behavior.

I'm having a little spam problem, so I've taken my email address down for the moment. You can always leave me a comment or email me at my livejournal address.