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HP drabblet: "Destiny's Child," Narcissa, Gen, PG

Summary: The power of names.

The Backstory-Verse
How the Malfoy Wealth Was Won (London, 1860)
The Greatest Treason (Wales, 1913)
When I Ruled the World (France, 1917)
Portent (London, 1943)
The Greatest Generation (London, 1945)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (New York, 1959)
The Ill-Made Knight (Yorkshire, 1960)
The Setting Sun (Surrey, 1963)
Conviction (London, 1974)
(Baby Don't) Fear the Reaper (London, 1979)
Shadow of the Day (Spinner's End, 1979)
A Woman's Place (Surrey, 1979)
Chronology (Surrey, 1980)
Destiny's Child (London, 1980)
Spy Games (London, 1981)
Shadow of the Day (Surrey, 1982)
Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War (Surrey, 1982)
A Prophet In His Own Country (Surrey, 1984)
A Handful of Dust (Surrey, 1994)

After her son is born, she spends hours trying to think of a name for him. Something ordinary-- Brian. Michael. Harry. George. A family name, but she cannot think of one that is not ill-omened. Most of the Blacks are named for stars, constellations, galaxies. Most of the Malfoys are named for dead kings, generals or saints.

She flips desultorily through books, auguries and maps. Her sister comes to see her and recommends Thomas and Marvolo. No child of hers will be called Marvolo Malfoy, and the only Thomases she can think of are Riddle and Becket; not the namesakes she wants.

Her husband went out on a raid the night her son was born and has not come back. But naming sons for fathers is not done.

It is her father-in-law the amateur astrologer who gives her the name. Draco, for the constellation always visible. If names mean anything, if by choosing her son's name she chooses his destiny, if his star never falls from the horizon into darkness--. If love can only be enough, her son will be safe forever.
Tags: backstory, fanfic, hp
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