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HP fic: "A Woman's Place" PG13, Lucius/ Narcissa

The Backstory-Verse
How the Malfoy Wealth Was Won (London, 1860)
When I Ruled the World (France, 1917)
Portent (London, 1943)
The Greatest Generation (London, 1945)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (New York, 1959)
The Ill-Made Knight (Yorkshire, 1960)
The Setting Sun (Surrey, 1963)
Conviction (London, 1974)
(Baby Don't) Fear the Reaper (London, 1979)
A Woman's Place (Surrey, 1979)
Chronology (Surrey, 1980)
Spy Games (London, 1981)
Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War (Surrey, 1982)

When he finally has his ring on Narcissa's finger, Lucius goes to Blackhall to ask Cygnus Black for her hand. It is an archaic and patriarchal tradition, one Narcissa despises, but it is tradition. Tradition is all they have, all that separates them from animals and the Muggleborn.

Cygnus Black's grandfather fought with Grindelwald in the first great war, in Abraxas Malfoy's command. He died in Russia, during the second, after Lucius's father betrayed Grindelwald to the British. Cygnus Black is his namesake, the offspring of first cousins, and one of Lord Voldemort's inner circle.

This last is the only reason Lucius is bothering to go. He loves Narcissa, but he's spent his years as a Death Eater edging behind pillars and doublechecking corridors to avoid her father, who is prone to foaming at the mouth and falling into fits. This is, he sometimes thinks, where Bellatrix inherited it from.

Cygnus refuses him, calling him frivolous and unfocussed and his father's son--only one of which Lucius finds insulting. Lucius flies sulkily back to London and tells Narcissa about it, and she sighs and smiles at him over the growing bulk of her belly, and tells him she'll take care of it.

Three days later Cygnus slips in the bath and breaks his neck. Lucius wears black to his funeral and holds hands with his daughter, and smirks at his new in-laws. It isn't the first time it occurs to him that if Narcissa were a Death Eater the war would be long over, but it's the first time he wonders if she might be worse than Lord Voldemort.
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