Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,
I love you for loving my tiny fandoms enough to write in them, and I suck at writing these... which I think is probably how I start my letter every year. So I guess it's an endearing holiday tradition!

I love plot, character studies, hurt-comfort, and AUs. I'm not into PWPs (porn with plot is fine!), hard core BDSM or unequal relationships, graphic descriptions of terrible things happening to animals and small children, non canon character deaths, or tragically sad endings.

If you came into this with a fabulous idea for a story and it doesn't directly contradict my squicks as listed above, you can stop reading now and write it. If you want some (non-binding) fandom-specific ideas, here they are:

Archer-- Maybe something dealing with the identity of Archer's father? Was he the man with the stuffed crocodile? How does this relate to Archer's fear of crocodiles/ brain aneurysms? Or maybe something with the whole group celebrating Christmas/ Hanukkah/ etc.? Really, the more offensive the better!

Rivers of London-- You really can't go wrong with anything involving the Nightingale/ Peter relationship, whether it's dealing with PTSD and learning magic or dealing with PTSD and learning magic, in bed. But I'm also desperate for the next book, so I'd love to know where you think that's going. And I loved Dominic in Foxglove Summer, so if you wanted to bring him to London or send Nightingale and Peter back to work with him... you also couldn't go wrong there.

The Raven Cycle-- I just want Declan and Ronan to get along. I mean, within reason. As an oldest child, I have a lot of sympathy for Declan, who at least seems to be trying. So maybe something where Ronan acknowledges that? Incest is okay, but definitely not required.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-- I realize this was the most unspecific request ever, and I'm sorry. But I really would love anything at all about pretty much anyone-- Gina at school, or the Gina/ Boyle family dinners, or Boyle and his new girlfriend, or Jake and Amy, or Terry with his kids, or Holt and Kevin, or Holt and Wunch-- any of the regular characters, or even the Vulture, although I know he wasn't nominated.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)-- I liked this movie a lot, and I'm curious to see how Ilya and Napoleon's relationship might evolve-- whether as friends or lovers or rivals. Casefic would be great, in Istanbul or beyond-- maybe something with how the Kennedy assassination affects them? Or the Vietnam war?

Dear Yuletide Author

I love you, and I'm easy to please, I promise! My fandoms are pretty rare/ nonexistent and just by writing in one of them you have made very happy!

I like character driven fic, missing moments from canon, angst and hurt/ comfort and crazy AUs. I'm not so into PWPs, extreme fluff, or the second person POV.

Here are some specifics for each of my fandoms. Feel free to ignore them if you have an idea already. Optional details are optional.

Play It Again, Dick:
I was a huge Logan/ Veronica shipper, but this series cracks me up in its own right and I'd like anything, whether it's a "Making Of" documentary, a partial script for a Dick episode, or Jason and Ryan hanging out and playing video games. Or even Ryan/ Jason or Ryan/ Jason/ Kristen.

Patricia Briggs/ Mercy Thompson series:
I'd love an exploration of Leah and Bran's relationship, done in a way that doesn't vilify anyone. But I love all the canon characters, too and any kind of slice of life fic would be great, too. For example, something involving Mercy's growing up in Bran's house, her pre-series relationship with Adam, etc.

Sarah Smith/ Vanished Child series:
Reisden-- "Immoral, unstable and intellectual" is pretty much my favorite character description EVER. Anything you feel inspired to write would be awesome-- from Richard Knight's journey to Africa through Reisden and Perdita in WWI France.

Ben Aaronovitch/ Rivers of London:
I'm not opposed to Peter/ Nightingale! But Broken Homes fix-it-fic, or casefic, or a Nightingale character sketch would also be great. I will hopefully have read Foxglove Summer by the time Yuletide goes live, so don't worry about spoilers-- but if you haven't read it, or if you are done writing by then, that's fine!

The more I see of Fitz and Liv, the more I love Mellie! I'd love to see things go well for her. I also really enjoy Mellie and Cyrus as conspirators. If you wanted to do something like an AU in which Mellie was President instead of Fitz, that would be great.